The Daredevil

Daredevil custom bike saddleSome say he’s crazy. Some say he has no fear. Some say he is Evel’s love child.  One thing is for sure if he sees a gap he’s going to try and jump across it.  He is the daredevil.

Not afraid to break away from the pack on his own, this all-star hero has made a name for himself where others dared not.
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The Old Boy

Old-Boy custom bike saddleHe’s written history on his bike.  He was there when it started and he’s still racing with the best of them.  He is The Old Boy.

He started riding tours when they were actually tough.  When the stages went through the night, cheating was rife and rival spectators used to beat up the competition so their man would win.  Back when only the skilful survived.

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King Of The Cobbles

King-of-the-Cobbles custom bike saddleDefined by his loose hands, square jaw, hard pedal strokes and a tough arse – he is the King of the Cobbles. He’s no pretty boy, he loves it rough and doesn’t mind a bit of mud.  Most riders follow the summer around the globe, not this guy.  He follows the winter.  His program involves riding in the rain on the back roads.  Some say they’re not roads but in fact cattle tracks.
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Beer Bike

Beer-Bike custom bike saddleSome ride for fitness, some ride to get from A to B and some ride for an for an excuse to shave their legs.  The hellrider gets on his bike for 1 reason and 1 reason alone – to get his thirst up.  He loves a beer but doesn’t want a beer gut.

At the final feed station most are looking for their can of coke, but not the hellrider.  He’s not happy unless his musette contains a couple of cold ones.
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King Of The Alpes

King-of-the-Alpes custom bike saddleThe King of the Alpes is relentless as he climbs to the KOM jersey – he lives for polka dots.  Plenty have tried but none can match the rhythm that he taps out on his pedals as he dances to glory.  He comes into his own when it gets over 10%. Loves barren mountain tops, ski fields in the summer, thin air, hair pins and steep finishes.
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Fighter Pilot

His moves may appear like suicide runs to most, but the Fighter Pilot is always on a mission. He’s happy to break the wind and be the first to make a move. He fights for nothing less than victory.

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Melburn Roobaix (Ltd Edition)


Thrones has teamed up with Fyxomatosis to deliver a limited edition Melburn Roobaix design for the 6th Annual ‘Hell of the Northcote’.

In the words of Fyxomatosis:

“For those unfamiliar with what has been a cycling cult classic over the past 5 years, Melburn Roobaix is a cycle rally based on the French spring classic ‘Paris-Roubaix‘ which is one of the oldest cycle races in the world.

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Speed Demon

The Speed Demon lives for speed, he is speed.  He is so damn fast the hairs on his legs don’t grow due to the high wind environment that they live in.  He is so fast that they had to add an extra digit to his speedo to clock top speed.

The Speed Demon is obsessed about speed and has been all his life.  The training wheels on his first bike at the age of 6mths were specially modified to reduce drag.  He was the only kid to work on his billy cart race position in the local wind tunnel.  He was the youngest kid to be accepted into the Air-force’s Top Gun Academy at the age of 13.

NASA comes to the Speed Demon for lessons on handling speed.

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Midnight Daredevil

The Midnight Daredevil is the lost brother of The Daredevil.  They’re twins that were separated at birth.  The Daredevil does his shit by day while the Midnight Daredevil does his by glow of the midnight moon.

Some say his moves are more insane, but no one really knows because he is never seen, just heard.  No flashing lights for the Midnight Daredevil, he does his moves by using the force.

As the sun rises and most bike riders are pumping up their tyres and heading out for the day the Midnight Daredevil is pumping up his altitude tent to 8000m and get a much needed rest.

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Soleus [soh-lee-uh s]

Soleus [soh-lee-uh s] Maximus – The God of Cycling

Back when Zeus was an amateur and Achilles was play fighting with his shadow there lived a hard man, a beast of a man – Soleus. He was the god of cycling. Immortalised in the minds of aspiring hard men for centuries to come due to his relentless pursuit of pain and suffering on two wheels. Soleus will be remembered forever as the first man to ride a bike into battle.

Soleus started as a servant, a domestique, to the great warriors, riding their food, drink and supplies to the front line. He soon found himself picking up a sword and taking it to the enemy. One day in a particular fierce battle that had lasted for 3 weeks he finished off the last of the enemy. He turned around to celebrate with his army, but found that they had all been left behind. Realising he had single-handedly defeated the enemy he put his arms in the air in victory while riding across the battle line.

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